Cyber Liability

Technology is a critical component of every business & practice today. Storing employee and customer information or conducting e-commerce; technology has become a significant risk companies can't afford to ignore. St. Petersburg Specialty Insurance cyber program is customized to each client’s unique business or practice risk.

Why Is It Needed?

In 2016, the FBI found that cybercrime had overtaken all other forms of crime for the first time ever, with over two million incidents recorded in that year. Cyber-attacks are also becoming more sophisticated.

In today’s data-driven world, keeping information, data and finance safe and secure online is essential. Despite advances in technology, human and system error are ever-present threats, while everything from a lost laptop to a disgruntled employee can now pose a major risk.

The Takeaway:

Our CyberRisk insurance thereby protects against a wide range of first and third party losses. These include cover for regulatory proceedings, data breach liability, fines and penalties (if insurable by law), and losses from business interruption, plus cyber extortion and other financial cybercrimes.

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