General Liability

General Liability insurance provides coverage if you go to clients' sites or have visitors to your office. If a person's injured or their property damaged General Liability insurance will protect you against such claims. Settlements can reach six figures and the legal costs of a claim can be enough to put you out of business. General Liability Insurance covers the legal cost of defending you, and pays compensation awards to fix what's wrong. It means your business doesn't fall, even if someone else does.

Who is General Liability Insurance for?

You need general liability insurance if you, or your employees: Visit a client's place of work, or clients visit yours; Have access to a client's equipment (e.g. a server); Use third-party locations for any business-related activities.

Why do you need General Liability Insurance?

Claims are ruinously expensive. To protect your business, and your reputation. It shows your clients you're a professional.

The Takeaway:

General Liability insurance, also referred to as Commercial General Liability insurance or business liability insurance, is the most fundamental insurance coverage a business can purchase. It protects a business against the risk of unintentional accidents.

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which lawsuits have become a daily occurrence. General Liability insurance protects you from litigious parties. Contact us I can provide a full risk analysis of your business or practice.

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